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Bullhead jerk

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5+ inch basswood bullhead with carved head. Originally tried to make the shape work as a swimbait, but worked better as a jerkbait. When retrieved it slowly swims head up to surface like a bullhead heading up for a gulp of air. It still needs an additional coat of epoxy (missed a few spots and I don't have a drying wheel yet), plus a better tail.

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nice job. i like the color scheme. i don't use a drying wheel.i hold the bait by the line tie with a small pair of visegrips to apply the appoxy and then just hang it up by the line tie.

making the first joint closer to the front may help the swimming action

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Thanks. It was hard posting after seeing your brown bullhead - I really liked yours. My next one might have actual whiskers instead of trying to carve them.

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Good Looking Bullhead.

I know where you could get your line stretched, by tempting some Large Mouth Bass with that jerk bait.

Nice Job.

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