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5" swimbait

5" swimbait

Here's something I put together yesterday. It's 5" long and made of PVC. It sinks slowly and swims well, although I think an extra joint at the tail would make the action even better. Vodkaman gave me an idea for new hinges to use on the next one I make; this bait is so small that I had a hard time getting all the hardware and ballast in place.

I think I'll probably paint it in a baby bass or similar pattern, but any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.


    Quite funny , ........I'm presently working on a PVC bait with a similar surface texture like yours , I've made lots of small dimples onto the smooth PVC surface with my "Dremel" and a small ball router bit , covered the lures' sections with aluminium tape to achieve an appearance like a metal spoon in a so-called "hammered finish" , .........never got further than that with it so far :( .

    But as I look closer at the picture of your bait , I see , that your texture consists of more than just round dimples , they really look like fish scales , .........did you carve these indents one by one with a small chisel especially shaped for the purpose ?

    greetz , diemai :yay:
    Oct 27 2010 02:42 PM

    I used a wood-burning tool to make the scales on this bait. I used the tip in the pic below, and pressed it into the bait to get the pattern you see. Make sure you don't plug in the wood-burner for this; it's far too hot for PVC. I found this out when I tested it on a scrap lure. The PVC melted onto the tip, and it made a mess.

    You will need to plug in the burner if you do this on wooden lures.

    Here's the tip I used:
    Posted Image

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks a lot for that picture and your explanations , Ben :worship: , ........very clever idea , indeed :yay: :yay: !

    greetz , Dieter :yay: