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Bass tackle tube

Bass tackle tube

Potato gold tube dipped in a dark brown hard compound.

    Hi! I have the same mold myself and wanted to know if you noticed the thin tentacles where they join the tube in your shoots? I noticed that you dipped yours up on the tentacles a little bit, is this the reason? It seems that if I don't do something like dipping that those tentacles are going to rip off easily. Just wondering, Thanks! Thomas
    Dec 31 2010 03:50 PM
    I have found that a harder plastic will keep the tentacles from ripping off. I inject mine in a hard formula, then dip in a hard formula with added hardener and heat stabilizer. I do sometimes, (as pictured) dip up to, or a bit past the joint where the tentacles meet the body.

    Another tip is to move the insert as far back as possible within the mold which leaves a slightly larger gap near the joint which allows more plastic to flow into that area. It may not look as nice but I find the tubes preform better that way. Hopefully these ideas help - its a great tube!