Evolution Of A Jig

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Just want to encourage and put a few ideas out there for some of you guys who like to tinker with your molds. If you think long and hard about why and what you want the end result to be, you can usually achieve it. Proceed slowly, and think, think, think about what you are doing. A small mistake, can usually be repaired with a little JB Weld. A large one maybe. Ruin it, and for less than $40.00 it can be replaced. It is much cheaper than having a custom mold built and you may turn out to have something that is very different and special. I have quite a few molds and most of them have been modified in some way or another. I like to think that I have improved on and made them better. This one has seen my most extensive mold modifications as of yet. All these modifications were done freehand using a dremel with its assorted bits and cutters.

Anyone else like to share how he or she have modified and or butchered their molds?


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