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This is my new bluegill swimbait (top) compared with my older bluegill (bottom). The new one swims better even with one fewer joint, due to the type of hinges used. I used twisted-wire hinges in the new one, and they work much better (for me) than the other hinges I used.

I also did more realistic detailing and paint on this new bait. I found a way to make round scales instead of diamond-shaped scales, and that helped the appearance a ton.

What do you think?


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Hi Ben

Very impressive work! :).

Can you please explain how you acheived those magnificent scales. They look carved into the body. Are they? or are they painted.

Greetings from Oz


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The scales are carved. I made a tool that I push into the PVC to get that scale pattern. All it is is a piece of 1/4" steel rod with one end cut at a 45º angle, and then I filed down the sharp point so it has a concave edge. I can post a pic of the tool if that would help.


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