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Two lures of meranti wood , ......top one is shaped after a "Livid Lure" , that I've seen on YouTube , ......but my version is somewhat narrower and a lot smaller than the original , .......but I've added a little "bumper" of stainless steel sheet , because I hate the noses of such baits to be bruised when bouncing on the bottom .

Other is a rather flat small crankbait , .......during blank test they've performed very well , still need to do the final testing and tuning , but all waters are covered with ice .

You can determine about the lure's sizes by the background paper lining , 5 squares make up for 1" !

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WOW!!! the painting on the smaller one (bottom) is amazing. It looks as it glows under the scales. How did you do this?

greetings from OZ


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Thanks a lot , Humberto , ......but there's nothing like "glow" colors involved , just simple modelmaking enamels by "Revell" and a bit of transparant scale foil purchased at


After having brushed on the basic grey color , I've applied one layer of epoxy clear topcoat to provide an even surface for the scale foil to stick on well , ......after I've painted the other colors and finally put on a couple of further topcoats of epoxy and modelling dope .

Greetz , Dieter :yay:

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