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Two deep divers , tried to make them "Australian Style" , one is of pinewood and performed very well during it's blank test ,.....with the lower one of abachewood I've had issues , did not seem to swim and wiggle well , by now I've shortened the lip and narrowed it's base , ....hope that this would lead to a more stable diving action now .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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It seems you cannot stop amazing me. So many types of lures, and each of them is different. You know what some people say - "Each Lure Will Catch On Its Day". If this rule would apply to only 10% of the lures you make, you wouldn't be able to take pictures to all the fish you catch, using only one camera :)

Really nice job.

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Love the patterns hit the aussie style dead on.. Reminds me of PETE (Hazmail). I think that black and yellow one will have some killer action. Speaking of PETE..has anybody seen him lately.

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Thanks a lot for comments , folks , ........much appreciated !

@ Pond Jumper

That lip is home designed and cut from 3 mm thick polycarbonate(Lexan) , can see a sketch of it in this thread(on another lure model):

Despite the sketch one might place the line tie a tad more forward towards the tip of the lip .

I have made aluminium sheet templates of all of my lips ,...... these I can utilize to trace the outline onto polycarbonate sheet and cut them out with a jigsaw and after grind them to final shape .

@ The_Rookie

Pete's been on a one week fishing trip , but has obviously just returned , ......if not in here , you can find him at "" .

Thanks again folks , ......greetz ,diemai :yay:

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Your whole group of new lures is great. :yay::yay::yay:

Thanks a lot , Mark , ........actually I'm also planning on making another bath tub video of these(all waters outdoors are iced up) , but I'm very busy these days , ...hopefully I can find some time doing it through the Xmas vacations .

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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