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while jigging schools of shad ...i just happened to ruin this little guys day..or did i??? Mayhaps he was really hungry and overzealous and went after my spoon and got more than what he bargained for. B)


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Well Mike....After hooking that monster Shad in the face with a Dobyns rod ( and yes it was a stout rod) .i did what any good self respecting angler would do when hunting for deep green December bucket mouths....I tossed that bait ...AS IS ON THE PIC...in hopes of nabbing monster.

JFYI...I had my best day of the year that day ....i hooked into 23 largemouth..8 of which were overs, and losing a 5 to 6 lbs'er at the boat. Fishing in AZ is a tricky thing..even trickier is dealing with it while fishing in December.

Hope you had a Merry Xmas also Mike B)


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Rick , That's a nice day of fishing , Our big lake here in western Maryland has transformed

into the Ice Fishing season , I don't do Ice Fish , Once these temps raise into the high

30' & 40's I'm off to the power plant over in West Virgina , water temp there stays in the

60's thur winter & the Lg & Sm mouth stay in school's.

Hope You Had A Nice Christmas

Mike P.

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