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Sinking handcarved pine tail bodys. Not mounted and no tail on yet :)

    Hi Claes,

    damn, thats a funny but functional drying dock. :D
    I love to fish with ur lures. Especially the LKJ.

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    Braided Line
    Dec 23 2010 07:10 AM
    A round........a round it goes. :)
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    Very beautiful lures there , mate , .......but please forgive me ,..... your rotator strongly reminds me to a medieval torturing device somehow :o :lol: !

    greetz , diemai :yay:
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    I agree totally with diemai! Something about it just says "Spanish Inquisition"! And of course a lure builder comes along and says, "Hmmm, with a small motor, and a quick rounding-off of the gut-puller, I believe we'll have a fine lure turner!"
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