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Rapala Perch Pattern on Foiled DD22

Rapala Perch Pattern on Foiled DD22

Rapala Perch pattern on a foiled DD22 with Createx paints. DN clear coat. Foiling a bait with multiple contours is a real pain in the butt. Took me longer to apply the foil than it did to paint it. What do you think? Does it pass?

    Dec 28 2010 09:47 PM
    Ben , That's Great Work

    That is fine ben. Whay kind of foil did you use? I bet that would look good on a crappie pattern.

    any foiled bait passes in my book!! i'm simply too lazy to do it.
    Thanks guys. The foil is definitely a hassle, but it really seems to make the colors Plaster of Paris on this pattern.

    I used Brite-Bak foil JLester. If you'd like the link where you can get it just shoot me a PM.
    Very nice work !

    Thanks Mark. The friend I painted it for came by this afternoon to pick it up and he loved it. He couldn't get over how well it matched the Rapala he left for me to copy from. When someone is as pleased as he was it makes it all worth it.

    Thanks Ben, but I know that foil. Once again good looking lure.
    Dec 31 2010 01:14 AM
    Well Ben..Tater asked I pass this on... he wanted me to tell you this and I QUOTE

    "Dear Texas DIPSTICK! You have exceeded my mediocre expectations with this one. I hope you burn in hell!" :angry:
    Happy Holiday's
    Hug and Kisses OXOXXO

    Dont kill me..Im just the messenger. I think he is still pissed over the take over of his lure advisor (aka The Lure Professor!) You might want to send him some Oreo's.. He loves Oreo's.. it could mend this relationship.
    Hey Rookie,

    Tell Tater I'm gonna have to have a long talk with him. (now where did I put that baseball bat) :?Tater want an Oreo?