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9" Silver foil glider

9" Silver foil glider

    Dec 31 2010 05:10 PM
    WOW , Tigger .....Great Work
    You knocked that one out of the park Tigger. Very nice.
    That is just amazing work. Just amazing. Almost like you have stuck some trebles to a real fish

    Big Bass Man
    Jan 02 2011 09:16 PM
    Very nice work, looks amazing !!
    Just gazed at it for al prolonged period of time. Bait is just alive.

    The way the fading of black and white is done is so soft and nicely done. Great work on foil and paint. It comes together in a simple but very hard way. in a calm and balanced pattern. Don't know how to call it ,but thinking this is one of the best baits for me which I have ever seen.

    Just picked building again and your baits always have a big surprise for me every time i look at them.

    Thanks for showing your work, a lot of lurebuilders are inspirated by your baits !


    Work of art!!! I really enjoy your work Tigger.
    Feb 25 2013 10:49 PM

    All the other post on here real cover my thoughts on the quality of your craftsmanship with this bait. How many coats of clear are on this bait and are you painting over some of those coats of clear? Amazing bait!!