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    Wow, looks great! :o

    Where did you get those eyes?
    Braided Line
    Jan 04 2011 07:35 AM
    Now that is one,rich looking color scheme! :)
    One of your best so far, Fonsie! B)

    Keep up the good work!
    @Braided Line :

    thanks for the compliments, always welcome.

    @Herwin :

    I was checking out this site for some John Snows and more inspiration and was thinking : "Could post some Dutch baits here as well." Far better advertisement than those stigmas about our little country..... no more tulips, wooden shoes or marihuana but just plain honest bait-tinkering from Holland.

    Funny we bumped in eachother on an American forum. We practically meet once every two weeks and fish for pike :D , can't wait when the ice really starts to melt, haven't seen a fish in 5 weeks, don't even remember the inside of my boat.....

    But i saw your posts too, great work on that Sick Zander with the purple belly !

    @Gobo :

    Those eyes I did are plain plastic puppet-eyes. These are 14 mm in diameter and you could order those anywhere, I guess. Just get a plier and cut the pin on the back end from the eyes away. Ik drill a hole of 15 mm in the bait and sink it approximately 2-4 mm in the bait. When that is done, take an 8 mm drill and drill a small hole in the middle to sink the remains of the pin. Get your Superglue and put the eyes in.

    Tip : try to put the eyes on the exact same spot on the other side of the bait. If you go to all this trouble and the 2 eyes are crooked that would be a sheer waist of your time and bait.

    another tip : is one of the eyes out of bounce, put some filler in it and try it again the other day.

    Try it, it looks more difficult than it really is !

    Greetzz from Holland
    Lovely bait, really like the color.

    Big Bass Man
    Jan 05 2011 07:10 AM
    Nice work !!
    killer job, bow big is that beauty ?

    Bait is approx. 11 cm, a bit over 4 inch.

    Thanks for the compliments guys !

    thx for your detailed answer and for the plenty of tip´s.
    I have a fluffy toy shop here, where I´ll go to have a look for these eyes.

    Great job again!

    Best regards from Germany