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More PVC Crankbaits

More PVC Crankbaits

Another six lures , that I've just got done with , .......sadly the "Banana" doesn't work too well , .......shit happens !

Watch'em swim :

greetz , diemai :yay:

    Hello Dieter,

    do you get inspired by an old world war one carmouflage pattern? The first one looks like ;)

    Yeah I like it!

    Best regards,

    Thanks , Björn , ........actually I sometimes do such patterns , if I just can't think of something better :huh: :lol: !

    But I've watched a TV documentary about aircraft dogfights during world war one recently , .......the imperial German airforce really had some weird looking color patterns on their fighters , ...........probably I should try to do a "Red Baron" lure :? (call me Snoopy then :lol: ) .

    greetz , Dieter