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More PVC Crankbaits

More PVC Crankbaits

Another two lures carved from PVC hardfoam , these two have shifting internal weights for further casting .

greetz , diemai :yay:

    Very nice job on these Dieter, I really like the shape and paint on the white one. I see by the video you've posted that you were successful with the weight transfer system. I do believe that a weight transfer system on large Musky or Pike baits would be very beneficial. Great job,

    Thanks a lot , Douglas :worship: , .....the shifting weights do provide 25% to 30% more casting distance , I'd say , ......tested the yet unpainted blanks outdoors last year , ..............but still need to find out , how they'd hold up against fierce fighting pike with their more or less hollow PVC bodies(6 mm bore running through lengthwise) !

    greetz , Dieter :yay:
    Very nice wobbling and wiggling cranks, Dieter! As Rowhunter said, last white one has a great coloring too!
    I hope I get my bigger blanks running as well in the water soon!