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New Ghost Baits 5" Slash Shad

New Ghost Baits 5" Slash Shad

New bait I just brought on. It was designed with a slightly larger head for better hook holding, eye area, and a specially designed tapered tail. The bait glides effortlessly and the tail quivers (like a senko shimmy) as the bait falls through the water column. The fish just inhale the bait!


    really nice bait.
    mark poulson
    Jan 30 2011 09:39 AM
    Those are really nice baits. They say "eat me" bigtime.
    Beautiful work.

    Thanks all! I did some 3 color baits (rainbow trout, baby bass) that I will post up soon. Man they came out good to me. Working on the threadfin shad and a few others tonight.

    I am really surprised at how well this bait fishes and how the fish react. Was out yesterday with it again and the fish just choke these baits down. The subtle movement of the tail really seems to get their attention. I watched a couple come from 10 yards + to eat.

    Jim all I can say is fantastic. Those bait will get chewed up here in California for sure. How big is the bait and what is the weight. Kinda curious in trying a few of those out on some saltwater bass. You selling them on your site yet? I would love to try some out. Let me know.

    Frank (Big Pancho)]