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bluegill twister

mark poulson
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Bassrecord on the hard baits forum asked about a bait the flips from belly to back, like a dying baitfish. I thought this would come close. It has a side to belly action, and then returns to it's side. It's actually just that the paint scheme is shifted 90 degrees. I made a conventional, Sammie-type walking bait, cut a bill into it at approx. 30 degrees from square, so it acts like a screw on the pull and rotates the bait 90 degrees. I weighted it so it's slightly tail heavy, but not hanging down like a Sammie, so at rest it looks like a bluegill on it's side, and then rotates to belly down.

4", 27 grams, 3/4" wide X 5/8" deep, 3 grams ballast at 3"+-, PVC, Createx, SC 9000 three coats dipped.

It works in the bath tub. My rubber duckie is jealous.

Fingers crossed when I take it out for a swim Saturday.

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This view is the bottom of the lure when it's at rest. The hook hanger is hanging straight down at rest, and the bill is rotated to one side, so it spills water when it gets the bait rotated 90 degrees+- so the belly scheme is down. On the pause, it rolls back to the bottom down position.

I don't know if it will catch fish, but it was fun to make. ;)

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