shad twister

mark poulson
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3 1/4", 12 grams, PVC, no ballast added, Createx, sharpies, NYC 101 nail polish, SC 9000 three dip coats.

The body shape is a copy of a "cheap" Megabait walking bait that works real well.

The lure sits slightly tail down, but almost level at rest.

The bill is set at 30 degrees to square, so the bait twists 90 degrees on the pull, and then rotates back upright on the pause.

The belly of the lure has one side of a shad scheme, so it looks like a stunned shad on it's side at rest.

I made it this small to use on early season busters, but I'll make a bigger one for later on, when the shad are bigger.

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