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Soft Bait Painting - first attempt

Soft Bait Painting - first attempt

Here you are my first tentative to paint with acrylics a soft bait with a Rainbow Vest (or something like this). Bye Cami

    so you poured the bait, painted the pink and green then dipped in clear with black flake? what type fo paint. it says acrylic. did you thin it with anything? brand? :D
    Yes, the procedure is that. Normal acrylic color water based for airbrush, I use Sangyo one, thinned with some drops of natural water. You have to pay a little bit attention moving the bait before dipping in clear plastisol. I found that a V plied pc. of paper helps you during painting.
    I learned this technique by Mr. Gunnie, here on TU. Many thanks again Mr. Gunnie.

    Great job on everything..from mold making to painting..that's a great rainbow trout color :yay:
    thanks for the info. i hope to get my garage cleaned up so i can get back to painting.