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low light/off color water bluegill

mark poulson
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2 3/4" PVC body, 1" plastic tail, 22 grams, Createx, SC 9000, 1/8" lexan bill

This bait swims with a wide wobble. I made it to replace the same model I broke by repeated casts into a concrete pier.

It shines early, on outside weed edges.

Floater that dives to 3'+- on a retrieve, doesn't roll when I burn it.

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Only thing I see that you should have done different Mark is to put rubber bumpers on it so it wouldn't break the next time you throw one up on the concrete. :D


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Not the first time you'd mention some concrete piers , Mark , .......tie on spoons there :lol: !

Beautifully painted bait , would be a pity to smash it on concrete !

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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The rubber bumpers might make it too heavy and kill the action as it falls into the water from the concrete, but I'll consider it. ;)


I've decide it's cheaper to practice casting, so I don't break any more baits!

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