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batch of roach´s

batch of roach´s

    What are they? Wood, resin, PVC, foam? Jerk bait , WTD spook type, suspending glider? Weight, thru-wire, screw eyes? Other than that, very nice foil work and beautiful paint on both set's of photo's.

    Very very nice ;)
    Thanks for the flowers :)

    @ Douglas

    they are made of beech wood and those are slow sinking glider. I used stainlees screw eyes and painted them all with createx auto air colors. I didnt used any foil for. They are approx 6.5" long and weighs 3oz.
    Gobo, thanks for the info. At that length and weight I'll bet they cast very well also. Great job, I really like this batch.

    You´re welcome.
    I´ve tested 'em today. They are reallyeasy to cast and you can place 'em precisely into the goal :wink:

    Best regards