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GHOST Chartreuse Shad.....

GHOST Chartreuse Shad.....

Another color in the line up... This should be a good maybe great, fish catching color.


    Great color....now three color injected baits ???!!! :worship:
    I like that color Jim. Would be a killer up here.
    Jim great looking color on your new bait, Is your mold a two piece or is that a flat top single piece mold? If that is a two piece mold did you make a custom head to except the three different colors and use three different injectors. My bet would be that is a single flat top mold but I might be wrong. Keep em coming Jim. I got to carving again and just finished the fifth large bait in my arsenal. Pictures and videos coming soon. Talk to you soon.

    This is a 2 piece, completely emclosed mold. Figuring out the 3 colored deal is VERY challenging but being from the school of hand pours, not to bad for me. It really all comes down to timing. Good timing, good baits... bad timing, BIG MESS.

    I have some 4 color ones also Gary. Won't be long to release them. Have to keep something under wraps for a little while otherwise I can't compete with all great stuff you guys do!!!!!!

    Mar 06 2011 07:49 PM
    Jim what color is that ??
    Looks awesome