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White Crappie

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Createx and Auto Air paint. DN2 top coat. The top coat hasn't cured out yet so it should develop more gloss as it cures. At least that's what I've read by the folks who tested it. This is my first try at a White Crappie and next time I paint this pattern I'll shoot fewer and lighter markings as it gets closer to the belly. Still learning something new pretty much every time I pick up the airbrush.


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Thanks guys. Hey, if it looks more like a juvenile smallie all we gotta do is change the name. We can call it "Mud Creek Pooh Diver" for all I care as long as it catches fish. :lol:

Hey Mike, I've only done a couple baits with the DN2 so I can't really give an honest opinion. One thing I have noticed is that it's pretty thin. For somebody that likes to spray their top coat I don't think it would even need to be thinned. When I first opened the can I was shocked. It's kind of a dull, pinkish color. But it seems to be drying clear.

Rotorhead I "cheated" on the fin. I found out that my hands are not nearly steady enough to do that type of detail work so I made a decal in my photo program, printed it onto water slide decal "paper" (it's actually a thin film of plastic) and then painted over it. The only thing that shows up on the clear decal paper is the black outline and "rays". Then it's just a matter of spraying transparent paint over it to give it some color and still allow the outline and "rays" to show through. If anyone would like to know more about how the fins were done just holler and I can go into more detail.


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