Rosy Carp

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Custom work for a friend!!!!


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Jim your colors on that bait look great. Jim can I suggest something add just a little gold highlight powder to the top brown color and that bait will really pop. What color brown did you use tor the top color? or is that color motor oil? I am learning a great deal here on this site and it is always a pleasure logging in to see you pros at work. You got mad pouring skills Mr. Jim as I have seen many of your wonderful looking baits you have posted on this site. Thanks for sharing brother. One of these days my baits will get the time they deserve. But for right I feel I am on the right track. What I am learning in making baits is that everything is time based pouring my plastics. Well Jim keep em coming. Check in by the end of the week I got something that I think your really going to like. Till next time.


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Wish I could get a better shot as there is smoke pearl gold in that top part. In your hand you can see it shine! Also, I used LC brown for that top and LC black, one drop each I believe in 4oz.. I will add more gold to get it to really POP out!

You just don't know that you have mad skills as well Frank.

I love doing these new colors and especially working from photos now. Some don't work out like the customer wants but they seem to always make the fish happy! I like that!

Thanks again guys!


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