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9 1/4" bait in some saltwater colors

Big Pancho
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Gang here is a picture of the big boy in some saltwater colors. Stay tuned in for more of my creations as they come to life. Take care gang.


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Uh-oh... Now you have gone and done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again Frank, it amazes me your designs and colors. I really like that you include the "blank" in your pictures. Makes me want to get bust designing again!

That Mackrel is a winner for sure as well as the brown!!!!

Show us some pictures of the massive fish you catch!


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Jim thanks once again the the nice comments. Man I keep having new kids I feel like a baby machine. The one great thing about having all these kids is that I never have to give them swimming lessons. These fish better watch out Big Pancho is getting ready to feed them. I must be a bad dad wanting my kids to get out and fight , But I trained all of them and they will not prove me wrong. These baits are diffently going to get beat up but will win the fight. Thanks again brother Jim, More designs are a coming I just completed a slender 8 inch bait that is real whippy in the tail section if you hold the bait up in a vertical positon you would think the bait took YOGA lessons. I will post this guy up in a couple of day along with another design that is almost done. Till next time FISH ON.

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What color is the Middle bait ?? I am trying to get that tan/ green color but am driving my self crazy trying for something like that



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