Gut-See Frog


This is my latest frog. It's hollow just like the Gut-See Mino. The main color is light watermelon with gold highlight and the core is black with lumina black.

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did you make the mold? i have been wanting to make a hollow frog. MORE PICS!!!

Yes I did. It's POP.

I forgot to say that the frog is 3 3/4" by 1" wide and there is a hook depression on the back so that the hook point sets in it and almost weedless.

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is it a secret or would you be willing to share how its made?

I'll give you this much. It's sort of like dipping baits. Sort of. :rolleyes:

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Awesome Nil!!!!! The colors really rock as well as the design!

Jesse...hang in there. A mold will be out soon. I think i have the final specs set....


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