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Hey Guys. I've been a long time browswer of this site but have never posted anything. This is my first creation and my first post. I want to give credit to everyone on this site because with out you I would still be left in the dark and wishing I could make my own baits. Please let me know what you think.

    pretty d@mn ralistic looking. did you mold a real lizard? lol good job
    No lizard was harmed in the making of this mold. Just alot of time and alot of practice and even more sculpey.
    wow, love it, i always wanted a lifelike lizard, was thinkin about clonin a kids toy!!great job!
    Oh my! You really made this? This is very cool! B)

    Yeah I made this. I'm getting ready to put together a post on how to put together an easy two-piece rtv mold for all of us lazy ones out there.