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Big Boy Attitude

Big Pancho
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Hello gang here is another one this one is 8.5 inches long and it weighs 3.25 ounces. I gave this one a little attitude and loaded him up with details. eyes. lips, face, front and rear fin. and added some nice flutes in the tail section. Let me know what you think about this guy. I would have poured more colors but I ran out of inserts. I need to make more. Till next time gang


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I like it Frank. The extra details are nice for us fishermen!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the eye area!

Question... Does the extra fin near the tail cause the tail to give different action? Maybe slow the side to side. Very curious as I am going to design a swim now and I will "steal" something from all your designs... LOL!!!!!!!! :D


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Jim thanks for the nice comment. To answer your question about the rear fin. Here is what I have noticed while adding this extra feature. The rear fin actually has two different functions to it. 1. it add a little bit more weight to the rear end of the bait which causes the force of the tail and fin to apply more force to the sweet spot of the bait just in front of the rear fin. 2. it works as an addition attractant as it shifts side to side along with the big tail. I hope this helps you brother Jim and good luck with the new bait. If you need help with the new design I will do my best to help out. Talk to you soon.


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