PB&J Jig

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Just received the small size Brush Jig mold I think I will like it. Here is a 1/4oz. Peanut butter & Jelly w/chartruese accent and pumpkin/black spatterd head.

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I really like that!!! How did you get the black splattered on the head? Good job, that is giving me some ideas.

Hey Small Jaw, thanks for the compliment. I use a heat gun to powder coat after dipping in the pumpkin I immediatly reheat and touch the tip of a small paint brush in the black powder hold it over the reheated jig about 6 or 8 inches and tap the brush with your finger it will take several dips ot the brush to get enough splatters on the head and when you bake it, the edges will blend nicely with the first coat

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