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BDS 1 first try

mark poulson
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Here are two PVC decking cranks, and the original in the middle.

I'm posting them because I just copied the original as closely as I could, float tested them to make sure the balance was good, and fished them. They work!

Beginner's luck, dumb luck, whatever you want to call it, I didn't have to add ballast to get them right. The .072X7/8" screw eyes I used for the line tie and the hook hangers, plus the plano divider bill, worked out just right.

The copies don't ride as high as the original, but I was able to bounce them off some brush, just like the original.

I am going to shave down the one with the longer bill. It rolls at high speeds, but the other one doesn't, it dives to 3'+, and hunts when I burn it.

The AZEK decking is not as buoyant as balsa, but it's plenty bouyant for these, I guess.

I didn't prime the PVC, and didn't recess the eyes, like I normally do, to save time.

I got the bug to make them Friday afternoon, they only got two coats of SC9000 Friday night, and I fished them Saturday morning.

The trebles and split rings are a little bigger than the originals, #4 hooks and #5 split rings, and that probably helped with the ballasting.

But I'm really happy with how quick and easy it was to make them.

I cut the lip slot on the band saw while they were rectangular blanks, after I'd traced the outline and the lip angle onto them.

I'm still amazed at how easy making lures is with PVC. Waterproof, buoyant, no priming, strong, hard. I know that's sacrilige for a carpenter, but why did I ever try and use wood? :lol:

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I know what you will say if you do not catch fish on these: the fish were too clever and they knew it was not the original I was tempting them with... :lol:

Now seriously, I like more the copies than the original, at least from the painting point of view. I think the colors are beautiful.

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Kind words indeed!

Like you say, if they don't catch fish, it's because the fish are too dumb to know any better! ;)

I am a very heavy handed painter. Part of it is I'm always in a hurry to get a lure done and swimming, and part of it is I'm just not that talented.

So if I can make a lure that works, anyone can.

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Not having to seal the bait, or to prime it, cuts days off my building time.

I know you use DN's WRTC. I think you can probably dip it, and use a hair dryer to speed up the drying so you can get several coats on in a day. I can do a dip coat an hour with the SC9000 or the EM9300, if I hit the lure a couple of times with the dryer between dips.

When I took the lures down early Sat. morning to put on the hooks and split rings, I hit them one more time with my hair dryer on high, just to give them a little more "cure".

It's such a pleasure to be able to decide to make a lure one day, and fish it the next.

I'm going to try making some RC 2.5 lures, and I'm sure I'll have to add ballast to them to get them to swim right. There's just too much PVC. It's not as buoyant as balsa, but it's at least as buoyant as poplar, and it's so much harder, it's great.

PM me you address, and I'll send you some AZEK to try.


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Just giving back a little compared to what I've received from this site and it's members, like you.

As for a photo finish over foil, I am just barely able to post the pics.

Photo finish over foil is a long way off for me, unless one of my kids helps me bigtime. :lol:


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