Crackle-back jerkbait

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PVC, hand-carved scales, U-40 Permagloss topcoat. I tried the Elmer's Glue crackle method, and it worked out pretty well. I botched the next few baits I did, but I'm going to keep experimenting.


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You have some mad carving skills!

As for your crackle frustration, I found the easiest way to apply the glue consistently is to thin it a little with just enough water to make it sprayable, and spray in on with .5 tip airbrush. I use a siphon feed Badger, and keep a bottle of glue ready to go.

I spray it on until it starts to fully cover the bait, and then spray the paint on right away, and heavy.

I think that method would work for your bait's back, too.

I tried brushing the glue on and I never got consistent results, but I do with spraying it on.

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@ braveviper: The Elmer's glue crackle method is where you apply Elmer's glue to a bait and then spray paint over the still-wet glue. Use a hairdryer to heat-set the paint, and it should crackle as it dries. Then let the glue dry for about an hour, and then you can finish the bait like you would any other.

@ Mark Poulson, thanks for the tip! I'll give that a try when I do some more crackle baits. I was using a brush, but instead of brushing the glue in one direction, I dabbed it on so there were no stroke marks. I think that your method will work much better though, and I'll definitely try it.

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