black/yellow crackle craws

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black/yellow crackle craws

mark poulson
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Ben's baits looked so good, I had to give the color scheme a try.

I really like the contrast for off color water.

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Those are stunning. Did you use sharpie for the lines?

Yes, I put a yellow base coat, with a little green on the back to give it a slight chartruese, and then I used a black solvent based sharpie to mark the outline, and the joints.

I find that, by doing the outline first, I see enough outline through the crackle to give the impression of the crawdad body parts. If the sharpie is covered too much, I use a brown or green sharpie afterward to highlight the outline.

I thin when the crank is grinding on the bottom, or swimming, the lines give the lure the crawdad look.

And it's a reaction bite, so anything that makes it more realistic can't hurt.

I keep telling myself that bass see differently than we do, so I just want to give a good impression of a crawdad.

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I fished the lower one yesterday, on a lake that had come up 10' over the past week! Dirty water, fish suspending and fish tight to cover because of the fast rising water.

I caught two nice fish on it in front of some brush along a creek channel leading into a cove.

It really comes through brush and snags well, as long as I fish it slow and let off on it when I feel it get hung up.

Perfect scenario for dirty water and fish that are tight to cover.

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