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Brown trout

Brown trout

Take a look at my blog for more pictures.

    Mar 29 2011 06:33 PM
    Wow thats awesome! :yay:
    Have u tested him in the water yet?
    What kind of material are the fins made off? Dont u fear that they may break, if they touch one of the billions swedish rocks in the water?

    Mar 30 2011 09:21 AM
    Faan, another peice of artwork form Stampe!
    mark poulson
    Mar 30 2011 11:53 AM
    That bait looks real! :worship:
    Thank you very much. I have not tested it yet. I made this bait just to see what I can do.
    The fins are made of oak and will probably brake if I cast it in a rock or stone. They will also make it harder to sett the hock when the pike strikes.
    I have to make this kind of baits to get better at what I do. The next one is going to be even cooler.

    Thanks again
    Very very cool stampe!
    I wouldnt know if I was supposed to cast it, eat it or mount it very nice B)
    Better keep me and my fillet knife away from this. Amazing.
    That's wanton waste! If you aren't going to use the meat you should catch and release!:lol: How long is it, by the way?