New Design Shad Swimbait

I havent posted anything in gallery in sometime.. New bait I have been working on for my box.

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Thats the meaning of custom work right there. Your foil finishes are the most natural, realistic finishes I've seen on any lure period. Cool how you used the same mold to make two functionally different baits. I almost wet myself the first time I saw a closeup of one of your foiled work I've seen.

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Yeah Matt, they're O.K-- in fact they are brilliant----------

:lol::lol::unsure:Just thought I would give you some of your own back, for a change..


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Thanks for the kind words guys!! PETE YOU CRACK ME UP... too funny.... :lol: I LOVE IT!

I have Douglas and Dean to thank on the foil work...I kept trying to do it for about 2 years and would quit after a few baits..I never could keep the wrinkles out of it..... Dean gave me a few tips and Douglas was alot of help over the he sent me this beautiful bait that showed me how he cut the foil to lay on the bait. Rowhunter is the DA Man when it comes to Foil work!

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