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First attempt at Tiger's Blood

First attempt at Tiger's Blood

The first try did not produce the results that I was looking for. It did; however produce a very interesting color. When held up to the light the green color( which is actually yellow) will disappear and the bait turns a very deep blood red. ( couldn't get a good pic of this so you'll have to trust me)

I thought it was important to show this so that newbies would understand that you never know for sure what you will wind up with when you start experimenting. I have come up with several neat colors doing this type of thing.

    i kinda like both the colors. i know people around here dont throw stuff like that. i do like how when you experiment you see how the colors react. especially when you mix motor oil with things....magic happens lol
    Nice color! I have been having great success with watermelon and red colors of late.