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Drying wheel.JPG

Drying wheel.JPG

Today is birthday of my drying wheel. Small creature dedicated to spin eight hardbaits at once.

    I just built one too, I like yours better than mine. Where did the bushings come from?

    Nice job.
    Hi. I was using software called AUTOCAD to build a drying wheel. It is easier to build an item, than you have a proper drawing. I used FSF plywood as material to construct drying wheel. Band saw was used to cut the right details. Regarding the bushing, I used bushings from the old tape recorder and particularly these bushings were used as support for pulleys, if I am right with the word. And the axes that are inserted in the ‘all-thread-metal-stick’ were taken from the same pulleys. I hope I have answered your question. Best

    Very good, thank you!
    Apr 10 2011 01:07 AM
    what do you use to hold he lures in place? I see the 8 holders, is it a screw rob with a hook at the end? Also, It is a very nice drying wheel? what kind of motor do you use on it? Thanks a lot.