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3 Chamber Pouring Cup

3 Chamber Pouring Cup

Here's a pic of the cup I used to pour the 3 color baits. It's a 4 cup pyrex and the metal is all one piece folded and fitted to the cup with JB Weld.

    Thanks for posting Nova. That's what i had pictured in my head but still needed to see it lol. What type of metal did you use?
    I have one aswell but I RTV'd two 1/8 inch teflon dividers allowing me to heat the cup in a microwave all together. The teflon is heat resistant,easy to cut and can be found in several thicknesses at any hardware store. It saves a whole lot of time and the plastic comes right off once cooled. Give it a shot! Nice job Nova!
    The metal is simply zinc flashing you buy in pieces at a building supply.

    The metal works for me because I can open the center spout wider or close it down narrower to adjust the flow of the center color. You are right about the cleanup though. It can be a pain at times.
    Thanks Mr. Nova for posting the cup. I visioned the metal in the cup but really needed to see the spout section of the cup as to how you were having the three colors mix, Again thanks for sharing I am going to give that try in the near future.