the stocker trout collection

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the stocker trout collection

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These are my very first lures I've ever built (I've tied flies forever though). I wanted to take a picture before I top coat, because I expect to mostly ruin one or more in the learning process.

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They look great! If those are your first lures, you're way ahead of the curve already.

The lure design and building are outstanding, so are the tails and fins, and the paint jobs are first rate.

What else is there to say, you nailed it on the first try!

If you take them apart before you topcoat them, you should't have any problems.

What are you going to use for a topcoat?

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I attempted to coat one with devcon 2T. It turned out sucky but mostly because my lure turner dropped it while it was still wet. I also tried to coat it with the bait assembled which made a mess. The next bait I am going to try a dissolved polystyrene dip each segment individually and them assemble. The coloring is a photo finish with foil under. My spray adhesive is actually white and at first I was worried because it covered most of the aluminum, but it ended up creating a pearly finish.

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