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mark poulson
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These are Predator Bass X80 unpainted cranks.

3 1/4" plus the bill, 11 grams. Floaters that dive on the retrieve.

I added 1 gram of ballast to his stock baits in the form of 2 sst bb's added to the weight transfer system.

The chartuese/purple bait is my first one, and I painted and fished it stock. I added suspend dots to it to get it to run deeper.

Then I added the bb's to the rest, once I'd figured out how much more weight I needed.

The weight transfer system works really well, and I can cast these with a baitcaster.

They run to 3'+, hang nose down on the pause, and are as erratic as the Megabass lures they immitate.

I dip the unpainted bodies in acetone to clean them, and then paint right over that with Createx and Wildlife colors, and top coat with three dips of SC9000.

I did these in four hours, and three of those were for dipping and drying.

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