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Lurecraft 5" swimbait

mark poulson
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I bought a 5" lurecraft RTV swimbait mold. Big mistake. I should have bought three!

It was fun pouring, and I was able to make a liminate, too. The trick, for me, is waiting long enough for the first color to cool enough so the second doesn't just kind of blend into it.

I uses a Falcon 6/0 1/4oz weighted hook, and pinched a big split shot onto the bottom of the hook, behind the factory lead, to get the ballast lower.

It swims well at low and moderate speeds, which is how I use it anyway.

Here's a picture of a 4lb1oz fish I caught with it yesterday, along with the swimbait.

The mold has a recess for big eyes, so I inset some of Predator Bass 3/8" self adhesive 3D eyes, and sealed them in with some Mend It.

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