Flipping Grub Too

The idea was to come up with a curly tail grub you could flip in heavy cover with out constantly losing tails to stem wrap. The tail is thicker and more tapered than the average grub, but still does move when falling. The body of the grub is wider along the horizontal axis to help with hook position on the hookset, and the flaps should help deflect the tail away from stems. This is the mold. See Flipping Grub for an image of the mold. I'm debating making a tail mold for this bait. I may redo the mold though as the curve of the tail is not as smooth as I would like.


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I am considering a bigger verison of this bait. Not sure I can settle in my mind on the best next step up. I am thinking though that the tail might be able to remain the same size and just lengthen and widen the body slightly.

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I recently gave somebody some RFGs in red shad to try out. They commented that they didn't have much action, so I decided to test them. I've certainly caught plenty of fish on RFGs this year in white pearl, dark watermelon, watermelon red, and laminated watermelon pearl. Still sometimes other people see things more clearly than you do when you are emotionally invested in your own work.

I had to look closely, but the red shad did seem to have a tiny bit less flexibility than the watermelon colors tested. Interesting. I think the pearl powder made the bait stiffer just the way salt makes a bait stiffer. I have already tested some formulations to get a good snap to the color without the use of pearl powder. It does seem have the same action as the watermelon now. I'm also going to be trying some softner for white pearl (which certainly catches fish the way it is).

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