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I finally got a crankbait to work the way i wanted. The precision it takes to get everything right on a hand carved crank is tough.. much respect to you guys who do it with ease. Slappin a bill on a big swimbait is like horseshoes and hand grenades just get it close... but these suckers... oh boy.. this is number 6. I thought 3rd time was a charm :mellow: . 3" 1oz dives 4'

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Good job!

For me, the key to crank bait making is cutting the slot for the bill while my blank is still rectangular.

I've found that, if the bill is square to the blank, even if it's not quite perfectly centered, I can get the lures to run true by bending the line tie.

But if the bill isn't square, meaning it sits an angle when I look at the lure from the front, the lure will always run toward the higher side of the bill.

Now that I've actually said that, a series of right and left running cranks would probably be the tickey for fishing steep walls. ;)

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