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mark poulson
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This is how I hang my weighted Falcon top hook in my 5" Lurecraft swimbait mold, #5/894.

I pinch a big split shot on the bottom of the hook, just behind the lead it comes with.

It's a 6/0 hook, and 1/4oz weight, but it's not heavy enough by itself, and the weight isn't low enough, to keep the bait stable on the retrieve.

It swims fine a low speeds, but it swims on it's side at faster retrieves.

I fish it on the bottom, so that's not an issue, or I'd add more low ballast.

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At the risk of being accused of picking low hanging fruit, no prob. Rob. :lol:

If you use a similar system to mine, once the plastic cools enough to demold, get the head out, then the tail, slowly, and turn the bait sideways so the hook can pass under the wire withoug removing the wire.

I spray my molds with PAM every few baits, because the tail is deep and thin, so I want it to demold without tearing.

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Mark here is a little tip for you to get that thing to swim true and not on its side at a fast retrieve.You need to place the weight in the head of the bait. Mark I not a pro at this but it took me about three month and about 150.00 dollar of bondo molds to make the inserts work on my bigger baits. I have tested my baits at different speeds and I got them running true at all speeds, Give it a try. Another suggestion is to add just a bit more weight than 1/4 oz. I would start with at least 3/8 oz and move up to 1/2 oz. i personally am using 3/4 and 1 oz inserts in my larger bulky baits. I hope this helps you and others. If you would like to see a picture on what I am talking about let me know and I will post a picture of my inserts.


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Thanks for the tip.

I pinch a big split shot on now, behind the 1/4oz lead, but Ill try one in front, and see if that helps.

I just poured some three color laminate trouts, and they came out great.

These molds are a blast, and easy to use.

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Mark if your going to use that Falcon weight hook remove all the lead off of it. Pinch the big split shots right behind the hook tie. If you need to sand the egg sinker so be it. I would think two of the larger egg sinker might just work. If this don't work let me know and i will show you what I got going on with my baits.


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Ill give it a try today.

Today is a painting/pouring day.

Ill let you know how it turns out.

I ordered some 6/0 EWG hooks without the weights, so I can add the weight where and how I want it placed, but they arent here yet.

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