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mark poulson
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My hook weighting, first with my #2 splitshot on the belly of the 6/0 1/4oz Falcon hook, and the second with an additional #2 at the front of the hooks lead, per Pancho's suggestion, to try and make it more stable at higher retrieve speeds.

The first setup weighs 1/2oz, and the second weights 3/4oz.

I'll pour the 3/4oz later today, and take it for a swim Saturday.

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Mark there is still to much weight in the rear of the hook. You need to get that weight away from the Mid section of the bait and place the weight right smack dab in the head section of the bait like lined up with the eyeballs. What is going to happen with what you got going on there is that since the weights are not centered exactly in the head section the bait is going to want to roll or lean to one side or the other. I will take a picture of my insert and help you out by showing you what I am talking about,. Again remove the existing lead off the falcon hook and pinch on one of those leads so it lines up right in the head section of the mold. Believe me brother just trying to save you some tine. I learned the hard way util I came up a way to make this thing successful. I will try to post the picture in a couple of days.


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Good news, bad news.

The good news is that the added 1/4 oz split shot on the front helped the bait to swim at a faster speed, but I still cant burn it.

The bad news is that the front split shot came loose when I was dragging the bottom, and the hook pulled out a little.

Im going to disect the bait today to see exactly what happened.

Pancho, your lead heads are looking better and better.

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Mark I know you are determined to make your bait swim right with trying different methods. But like I said I have messed around with many different methods and the best one I came up with is the lead head I showed you. You can burn the bait as fast as you want and it will not roll. I trolled one of my baits behind a boat going 20 knots and the bait stayed true. Believe me brother try it I would not steer you wrong, I am sure you have made plenty two piece molds and making the lead head should not be to much of a problem for ya. If you need help just ask. I will do my best to help you and the brothers out.


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Im going up to fish Cachuma for four days, but Ill tackle the lead head mold when I get back.

My buddy pours his own jigs, so he said he will pour whatever mold I give him.

I poured enough lead when I was younger to last me the rest of my life.

Im saving whatever fumes my lungs can stand for pouring plastics, and painting hardbaits. :lol::lol::lol:

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