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mark poulson
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A group/flock/herd/school of 5" swimbaits.

The bottom three have 3/4oz. ballasted hooks, which I coated with red blade dip before I poured them in.and The top ones weigh 1/2oz, and the chart. one at the top has already drawn blood.

By using the Norpro silicone cups for melting my plastic, I was able to make laminates easily, since the plastic stays pourably hot a lot longer than with pyrex cups.

And the Lurecraft RTV mold hold heat, so the plastic layers stay hot long enough to let me heat a second, and then a third color, and pour them on right after the other, with no bleeding, but with good bonding.

I had poured some laminates weightless, and hookless, to see how the process worked, and when I went to remove the layers to reuse the plastic, I wound up having to use an exacto knife.

This is probably all old hat to you guys, but I'm thrilled I don't have to buy Optima swimbaits anymore, or be afraid I'm going to lose an expensive bait by dragging the bottom, which is where I get bit the best.

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Mark, great pics. I was just gonna pm you and ask for a pic. I tried it your way and could not get them to swim upright. I think I was not using enough weight. But I cut a small slit with my exacto knife, on the inside of the rtv mold, right in the middle. And put the eye of the hook in it and hung the hook like you said. And wow it swims good. Thanks Rob

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Its a great mold that makes pouring your own swimbaits easy.

Ive found that it takes at least 3/4 oz of hook and weight to get the bait to swim well at anything more that dead slow.

Thank you Pancho for that tip.

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I just swam the baits with the additional front split shot yesterday, and the front shot came loose, and the hook pulled out a little, when I got stuck and pulled free from some brush on the bottom.

Im going to open the bait up today to see exactly what happened.

It did swim better at a med. retrieve, but I still cant burn it.

I may try using crazy glue to anchor the split shot better.

Or I may have to make a bondo mold like Pancho suggested.

The red blade dip doesnt seem to have run, or let the lead discolor the plastic.

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