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Deep Diver

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This is my first attempt at a true deep diver. The body is 3" long with an overall length of 4-7/8". It's 7/8" wide and 1 1/8" tall. It has a basswood core sandwiched between two outer layers of balsa. Total weight with hardware is .795 oz or just a tad over 3/4 oz making it a slow floater. Twisted stainless wire hook hangers and line tie. Painted in the "BumbleBee" pattern with Createx and Auto Air paint. Three dips of DN S82 top coat. Won't know what depth it will reach until I get it to the lake, but was amazed at how tight the action was for such a large bait with the long lip. (swam in bathtub) The lip is only 15/16" wide at it's widest point and is 1 7/8" from tip of body to end of lip. Could this be the reason for the tight action? Open for suggestions or criticism. Thanks for looking

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That's a good looking bait!

I'm guessing the thin width of the bill has a lot to do with the tight action.

Plus the bait looks taller than it is wide, so that may contribute, too.

I really like the line tie wire and connection.

What did you use for the lip?

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Thanks Mark. The lip is circuit board. (micarta, garolite, etc.) I used a simple twist on the line tie wire that shows under the lip and a barrel twist where it is epoxied into the body. The simple twist makes the wire stiffer, but doesn't have the gripping strength that the barrel twist does and the barrel twist isn't as stiff as the simple twist. That's why I used a combination of the two. Seems like it just makes it look better while still retaining strength.

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The straight lip angle, along with the slim profile of the body gives the bait the tight action. That's my fav style of deep diver to build and fish. I've found for every inch of lip off the nose of the bait, you get apporx 7-8ft of depth with 10lb mono. I fish my deep runners on 20lb powerpro and get a little more depth. That is a great looking bait.

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Thanks Benton. I had a feeling that was why the action was as tight as it is, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the depth versus lip length guide too. I'm learning stuff every day. And your deep divers are a big part of the reason I decided to try building them. That and the fact that I love fishing them.

thanks again,


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Thanks Big Bass Man. Seems like I'm getting a bigger kick out of building them than painting them. Must be time to start looking for a 12 step program.

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What'd you want give... do I hear 20 20 20 YEP!

can we get 25 25 25 YEP!

Do we hear 30 000 30 30 30 30 YEP!

Can we get 40 40 40 40 Yep!

This Hog Auction will be cont'd cause that baby is a fish catchin SOB...

Way to go Ben. Great job

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