creepy crawler & worm torn apart By kids

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Got my creepy crawler mold out from when i was kid. I can't wait to test out if they make good lures or not. My kids really liked them a little too much and torn apart the dark worms i made in seconds.


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I am jealous that you've got your kids involved in bait making at such a young age.

My kids just pat me on the head, and shake theirs. ;)

What kind of plastic did you use in your Creepy Crawler mold?

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lol.... they Beg and Plead every time they see me go get my lure making supplies out. The think it is the most awesome thing in the world. But that cause they are really young and see it as new toys to play with.

I use the same plastic that i use for my worms. janns netcraft soft plastic.

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