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Thanks Ben.

I was kinda thinking that, too.

Flashy silver/grey contrast could be a crappie, a shad, or just something to eat before it gets away.

I got inspired by your deep diver, so I'm about to start shaping some 2.5/type bodies out of PVC, and adding a deep diving bill, to see if I can do it.

Fingers crossed!

When I add a bill that is going to have the line tie on it, I typically drill down through the bait and bill, and epoxy in a piece of spinnerbait wire to reinforce the bill/body connection, like a dowel

I worry that, even though my line tie wire will be set in epoxy, the strain of casting might loosen the bill.

Do you think I'm worried about nothing?

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Can't say your worried about nothing Mark as I've been concerned about that very thing. On baits where I have the room (or when I remember to do it) I've been doing something similar. Only difference is I've been using a round, wood tooth pick. Maybe one of the more experienced builders will chime in as the one I just posted in the gallery was my first deep diver. One thing about won't lose a fish because you built the lure too strong.

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Hahaha. I guess it's like being too rich.....

I try and remember that I'm throwing the crank on 14lb mono, so the line will probably break before the lure.

But I worry about the strain that actual casting puts on the bill.

I think I'm paranoid from having bills break on Rapalas.

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