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tilapia plug Dd

mark poulson
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Same paint scheme on a DD22 Norman plug. I uses Createx pearl silver on the gill cheeks and back, so they would be lighter than the shallow runner I did. I wanted more flash down deeper.

Fingers crossed the bass do, too.

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Great looking bait! It's so hard to make gray baits come alive.

I did a real light fog coat of Folk Art metalic gold over the back and sides, and the reshot the cheeks with pearl silver.

I found that the gold warms up the grey without overpowering it.

I do the same thing with a fog coat of brite green over pearl silver to get a crappie color, and then, after I've added the black markings with a sharpie, I fog the back and shoulders with the gold, and it warms that up, too.

Painting is fun!

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