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homemade deep divers 3

mark poulson
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Two PVC deep divers I made and tested.

The bodies are 2 7/8", the bill is 2 1/8" long and 1" wide, the baits weigh 31 grams with all the hardware.

The bodies are 13/16" wide, and 1 3/16" tall, and shaped like an RC 2.5, which I traced with a sharpie to get the shape. I like that shape.

The bills are 1/8" lexan, and are filled to a thin leading edge.

I needed 6 grams of belly ballast, both in front of and just behind the belly hook hanger, to get them to float slightly head down like a Rapala DT16.

I used .072 X 7/8" sst screw eyes for the hook hangers, and some sst wire for the line tie, which extends back 1" into the body, and is set in D2T.

I drilled 5/16" holes for the eyes.

I'll post another picture when they're painted.

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My what big lips you have :blink:

Any who

those are some nice cranks :yes:

The better to...well, you get the idea. :lol:

Thanks for the nice comments, guys.

I'll find out tomorrow if they catch as well as they swim.

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