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homemade deep divers 5

mark poulson
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My two deep divers painted.

The Createx paint job and three coats of urethane dipped added 1gram+-, for a total weight of 32 grams.

They float tail up, at a 30 degree angle. #5 split rings, #2 trebles.

The yellow/black back is supposed to be a KVD dirty water scheme.

The greenish crappie is just that. The black crappie in our lakes take on that hue sometimes, plus I think it looks cool in the water, and have gotten bit on the same scheme in a shallow runner.

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They look good Mark. The black/chartreuse is a good color around here especially in the spring. The water doesn't have to be dirty either.

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I did a float test after I painted and topcoated them, and I had to change to #4 split rings and #4 trebles on the black/chartruese to get it to float again.

Now I know to allow a gram for paint when I ballast them.

Doh!!! :lol:


I'll give it a try. There are still bed fish on our lakes, so, like you said, the black/chartruese should still work.

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